Thursday, September 23, 2010

how not to crash a car in ten easy steps.

some of you might be reading the title of this blog post and thinking huh? how not to crash a car? well, tonight i backed into someone, one of the more scary/embarrassing/wish-you-could-redo-it/hope-its-a-dream moments of my life. so, here are ten easy steps about how not to crash the car.
step one- don't ask to drive. don't drive at all. if you aren't driving it isn't your fault.
step two- don't listen to Glee in the car. very distracting
step three- don't talk and drive at the same time, silence is key.
step four- when going to actually DRIVE the car, make sure you are not going to go backwards which could cause serious problems.
step five- IF and only if you put the car in the wrong gear, in example reverse, make sure to stop yourself by pressing the brake. not the accelerator.
step six- after you have stopped yourself causing minimal damage put the car into park, not leaving in reverse and therefore freakin' out and backing into the other car yet again.
step seven- don't start crying so hard that you can't see anything. that also results in problems.
step eight- try not to repeat "im sorry" over and over again whilst blubbering at the same time, embarrassing and unnecessary
step nine- when you have traded insurance/cried on your cheer coaches shoulder do not get back into the drivers seat, let your mom or someone else drive you home.
last but not least step ten- never drive. ever. not when you are 10 not when you're 15 not when you're 23 not when you're 73. never drive and never get in an accident.

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