Wednesday, September 8, 2010

what is possible?

According to Nike, arguably one of the world's most recognized brands we should "just do it" because "impossible is nothing". So this raises the question my friends, what is possible? Now there is a double meaning here, possible the adjective. According to possible is... that may or can be, exist, happen, be done, be used, etc. Then there is the real question... WHAT IS POSSIBLE? What can the next generation rising accomplish? For better or for worse? It is not argued that God created the universe, or at least for me it is unarguable. If God can create the universe, anything is possible right? Especially if he did it in seven days. Now to think that the SAME God, that one who created the universe right? LOVES ME. Then what could ever not be possible. Impossible has just become less than nothing. Because someone who created something SO big loves someone like me, so small and insignificant to the overall universe and its outcome shows me that everything is possible. It's possible for me to change the world. It's possible for me to pass World  History AP and yes, it's possible for me to shove my fist in my mouth because the one and only creator loves me. And happens to be with me all the time. Which rocks.

I'm a Christian. And this is why.

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