Sunday, September 12, 2010

a joyful heart

I have had a friend since the first grade who has been more like family to me. Her whole family is my family actually. Lets call her "Caroline". Caroline and I first met in elementary school but didn't become friends until we ran into each other during softball and basketball. Later Caroline's dad and my mom would coach both of these sports together. Anyways we have remained friends since the fascinating days of father pitch and basketball where it didn't matter which basket you got it in. But this summer we REALLY became the best of friends along with our other friend who we will call "Blakely". So Caroline's mom always teases me about having what she likes to call a "dark heart" aka someone who is pessimistic. So now when I find myself in a sticky situation about to enter into a sinful thing, mood, act, I repeat to myself "joyful heart". This reminds me that I'm here for JESUS. Not for catty high school girls and it reminds me that Caroline's mom always was right. There is no room for a dark heart with Jesus being the light. I need to be joyful in everything I do because I am always advertising for Jesus. I also remind my friends to have a "joyful heart" when we begin to gossip or someone says something uncalled for. I love Jesus, and you should try to have a joyful heart.


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