Wednesday, September 22, 2010

love the gain more than you hate the pain

I'd like to start with a fact: kirk gentzel ROCKS.
secondly I'd to state that jesus rules. moving on. tonight at crash we talked about sacrifice. NO, i don't go to one of those scary churches where we sacrifice goats and stuff, thats weird. We talked about giving up something that is usually hard to have the end result be better. Like when a fruit falls from a tree, killing itself, it gives someone else life. In order to sacrifice something though you have to love the pay off more that you hate giving something up. It's hard and literally EXACTLY what i needed to hear this evening. In small groups we talked about how the stuff you should give up is sucking the life out of you and quite honestly life isn't long enough to have it wasted being sucked out of you. So we wrote on our mirrors, what gave me life today? What made me truly happy? Where did I feel Jesus' presence? And that is the thing we need to continue. So the moral of this little blog tonight is... Give up something, even if you hate giving it up, so you can do something SO MUCH MORE AWESOME with that time that was sucking up your life. Jesus rules and so do seatbelts. (Kirk Gentzel came up with 99.9% of what I wrote in this blog)

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