Thursday, September 23, 2010

how not to crash a car in ten easy steps.

some of you might be reading the title of this blog post and thinking huh? how not to crash a car? well, tonight i backed into someone, one of the more scary/embarrassing/wish-you-could-redo-it/hope-its-a-dream moments of my life. so, here are ten easy steps about how not to crash the car.
step one- don't ask to drive. don't drive at all. if you aren't driving it isn't your fault.
step two- don't listen to Glee in the car. very distracting
step three- don't talk and drive at the same time, silence is key.
step four- when going to actually DRIVE the car, make sure you are not going to go backwards which could cause serious problems.
step five- IF and only if you put the car in the wrong gear, in example reverse, make sure to stop yourself by pressing the brake. not the accelerator.
step six- after you have stopped yourself causing minimal damage put the car into park, not leaving in reverse and therefore freakin' out and backing into the other car yet again.
step seven- don't start crying so hard that you can't see anything. that also results in problems.
step eight- try not to repeat "im sorry" over and over again whilst blubbering at the same time, embarrassing and unnecessary
step nine- when you have traded insurance/cried on your cheer coaches shoulder do not get back into the drivers seat, let your mom or someone else drive you home.
last but not least step ten- never drive. ever. not when you are 10 not when you're 15 not when you're 23 not when you're 73. never drive and never get in an accident.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

love the gain more than you hate the pain

I'd like to start with a fact: kirk gentzel ROCKS.
secondly I'd to state that jesus rules. moving on. tonight at crash we talked about sacrifice. NO, i don't go to one of those scary churches where we sacrifice goats and stuff, thats weird. We talked about giving up something that is usually hard to have the end result be better. Like when a fruit falls from a tree, killing itself, it gives someone else life. In order to sacrifice something though you have to love the pay off more that you hate giving something up. It's hard and literally EXACTLY what i needed to hear this evening. In small groups we talked about how the stuff you should give up is sucking the life out of you and quite honestly life isn't long enough to have it wasted being sucked out of you. So we wrote on our mirrors, what gave me life today? What made me truly happy? Where did I feel Jesus' presence? And that is the thing we need to continue. So the moral of this little blog tonight is... Give up something, even if you hate giving it up, so you can do something SO MUCH MORE AWESOME with that time that was sucking up your life. Jesus rules and so do seatbelts. (Kirk Gentzel came up with 99.9% of what I wrote in this blog)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a joyful heart

I have had a friend since the first grade who has been more like family to me. Her whole family is my family actually. Lets call her "Caroline". Caroline and I first met in elementary school but didn't become friends until we ran into each other during softball and basketball. Later Caroline's dad and my mom would coach both of these sports together. Anyways we have remained friends since the fascinating days of father pitch and basketball where it didn't matter which basket you got it in. But this summer we REALLY became the best of friends along with our other friend who we will call "Blakely". So Caroline's mom always teases me about having what she likes to call a "dark heart" aka someone who is pessimistic. So now when I find myself in a sticky situation about to enter into a sinful thing, mood, act, I repeat to myself "joyful heart". This reminds me that I'm here for JESUS. Not for catty high school girls and it reminds me that Caroline's mom always was right. There is no room for a dark heart with Jesus being the light. I need to be joyful in everything I do because I am always advertising for Jesus. I also remind my friends to have a "joyful heart" when we begin to gossip or someone says something uncalled for. I love Jesus, and you should try to have a joyful heart.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

september 11th

this year marks 9 years since America was changed forever. I was in first grade but I remember this day, nine short years ago like it was yesterday. I saw it on TV before I left for school, I was late as usual and bringing tadpoles into school. My mom turned off the TV trying not to scare us with the disturbing images and we drove to school. In the car we listened to KLBJ and heard them as a second plane crashed into the twin towers. By the time we had gotten to school and my mom told the principal what was going on the towers began to collapse. When we came home from school I was so confused. Why? I just kept asking my mom, why? She didn't know. Nobody knew. So today I remember the heros who died saving others and I remember the families still in grief today. America will never forget 9/11. I am a sophomore in high school and on Friday they made an announcement saying that this was the last year kids will remember live what happened, everyone else was in preschool, or not even born yet. We can't let those forget what happened. Remember 9/11, stand together.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

what is possible?

According to Nike, arguably one of the world's most recognized brands we should "just do it" because "impossible is nothing". So this raises the question my friends, what is possible? Now there is a double meaning here, possible the adjective. According to possible is... that may or can be, exist, happen, be done, be used, etc. Then there is the real question... WHAT IS POSSIBLE? What can the next generation rising accomplish? For better or for worse? It is not argued that God created the universe, or at least for me it is unarguable. If God can create the universe, anything is possible right? Especially if he did it in seven days. Now to think that the SAME God, that one who created the universe right? LOVES ME. Then what could ever not be possible. Impossible has just become less than nothing. Because someone who created something SO big loves someone like me, so small and insignificant to the overall universe and its outcome shows me that everything is possible. It's possible for me to change the world. It's possible for me to pass World  History AP and yes, it's possible for me to shove my fist in my mouth because the one and only creator loves me. And happens to be with me all the time. Which rocks.

I'm a Christian. And this is why.