Saturday, September 11, 2010

september 11th

this year marks 9 years since America was changed forever. I was in first grade but I remember this day, nine short years ago like it was yesterday. I saw it on TV before I left for school, I was late as usual and bringing tadpoles into school. My mom turned off the TV trying not to scare us with the disturbing images and we drove to school. In the car we listened to KLBJ and heard them as a second plane crashed into the twin towers. By the time we had gotten to school and my mom told the principal what was going on the towers began to collapse. When we came home from school I was so confused. Why? I just kept asking my mom, why? She didn't know. Nobody knew. So today I remember the heros who died saving others and I remember the families still in grief today. America will never forget 9/11. I am a sophomore in high school and on Friday they made an announcement saying that this was the last year kids will remember live what happened, everyone else was in preschool, or not even born yet. We can't let those forget what happened. Remember 9/11, stand together.

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