Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Monday was the actual best day I've had in the longest time I can remember. It started with nice weather which yielded me to wear one of my favorite long sleeve shirts. then my roommate and I had a good bonding time over snap chat and laughing just felt good. then I went to psychology and for going to class, I got a free 100 quiz grade. Like hell ya. Then I went to criminal justice where we actually spent 35 minutes watching really interesting videos about people who are wrongly accused and convicted by eye witnesses who unintentionally pick the wrong person out of a line up. it was actually very eye opening to how we cross racially identify others. after that I went back to my room and took a dope nap. My roommate woke me up but it like didn't even bother me. Then I had a fun dinner with some friends in the BLUU and then I got to hold a baby pig! It was named penny and she was adorable. I posted a picture of that on my Instagram and broke my top highest record and over 100 likes! Then I found out I made a 99 on my psych test. A 99! I have been doing so poorly in school it feels good for the door to finally swing my way. anyway I'm at the gym now getting fit(lol) but that's all for now

"give thanks to the LORD for his love endures forever"

Friday, September 27, 2013


currently I'm sitting in a nail salon getting my nails done. my toe nails are a little dark. I failed a chemistry quiz, cried awkwardly in my dorm room while my roommate was half awake/half asleep so that was fun. I'm just having a lot tougher time in college than I thought. I don't know what to do and I don't know who to talk to it about and I don't know when I have to decide and that scares me. I don't want classes to keep me from my dream career but what if I'm supposed to be something else?

Friday, September 20, 2013


holy cow how is it even possible I wrote all of that stuff just two years ago. It literally seems like a lifetime.
you know when you walk into a dark room for the first time with only a flashlight(or your iphone, hello 21st century) and kind of scan the room with the light. you take in everything you see really slowly carefully so you can know where stuff is and comprehend it. thats how it felt reading those old posts. like something I had never seen before, completely new. it doesn't even sound like my writing. I like the way it sounds, but it dosen't sound like me. or at least the me that is me today.
according to blogger, less than 72 people on average look at this blog a month. wow ally you are so popular. but those less than 72 people, hello- here is what is going on in my life today
this morning i woke up at 8:16 having overslept breakfast in the BLUU which I promptly eat alone everyday at 8:15. then I went to chemistry(yawn) but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. then I tried to go to the apple store to get a new phone, line was too long- left. then I came back to my dorm room and laid down and watched New Girl, since they just put up the second season on Netflix. After that I went to psychology which I learned nothing and criminal justice in which I rediscovered this little gem.
so as I've said before, and I'm sure I'll say again- I'm going to start blogging again!! I've had a pretty rough go of it lately and according to the therapists I see on scripted TV shows "writing you feelings out" generally helps. Obviously I'm not going to hand write this because that would take a lifetime and I want to use my lifetime to do something else.
also in rereading this blog I remembered "you have to love the pay off more than you hate the pain" which made me think about my recent struggle with going to the gym. which for me causes actual pain every time I go because I don't go often enough. so as I've said before and am probably going to say again- I'm going to start working out more!!!!! apparently- according to legally blonde- working out releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people don't kill their husbands so there's that.

that's all for today. my sisters birthday is tomorrow.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

life of an asthmatic

this blog has nothing to do with asthma. although, i am an asthma sufferer. i just read through all of my old blog posts and realized how much has changed in just over a years time. i drive now, just so everyone knows and have only backed into one person since that accident. I have decided to blog again because writing feels good. It's natural. I like writing even though the SAT and ACT frequently remind me that writing is my worst skill. I just wanted to say today how thankful I am. I am so blessed. No, I'm not blessed with a genius brain, or extreme athletic skill or even a really awesome, skinny bod or anything but just to be sitting in my room, in my favorite city, typing on a new laptop, with my iPhone next to me I am so lucky. No, lucky is the wrong word. Luck implies that it could have turned out another way, that maybe you just barely made it or it was an accident. I am blessed. This blessing had a purpose, and although I can't be exactly sure about what my purpose is, I'm going to find out. I don't care if literally no one reads this blog, I will still write in it. AND it's going to rock.

My name is Ally, I think I'm going to be a nurse, and I'm looking for my purpose.

Friday, October 15, 2010


believe it or not but I am lazy, or at least have become very lazy lately. I am so lazy I don't do my homework(I mean eventually I can scribble something down to get a completion grade), I don't blog, I am so lazy I can't even sleep. Weird, right? Okay, well maybe that doesn't really make sense to anyone but me but I hardly sleep anymore. I don't even talk to Jesus as much anymore which breaks my heart. I had to go back to an old sermon from Matt Spurlock. When I eventually get married and live the perfect All American Life(white picket fences, four little athletic children running around, successful life) all of those little shenanigans I will probably talk to my husband and chillens everyday. That is normal, because I have a relationship with them. An relationships involve communication, not just when you want/need something but just to talk to someone. I will probably use my poor future husband like a therapist. But I also have a relationship with Jesus, but yet I find myself time and time again not talking to him! When he WANTS to talk to me. When I get married I wont ignore my husband for days at a time, so why should I do that to Jesus? If I really have a relationship with Jesus which I believe I do I need to communicate. Not just when I am asking to get an A on a test or not wreck the car again. I need to talk to him so I can learn about him and love him like he loves me. I need to quit being lazy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

how not to crash a car in ten easy steps.

some of you might be reading the title of this blog post and thinking huh? how not to crash a car? well, tonight i backed into someone, one of the more scary/embarrassing/wish-you-could-redo-it/hope-its-a-dream moments of my life. so, here are ten easy steps about how not to crash the car.
step one- don't ask to drive. don't drive at all. if you aren't driving it isn't your fault.
step two- don't listen to Glee in the car. very distracting
step three- don't talk and drive at the same time, silence is key.
step four- when going to actually DRIVE the car, make sure you are not going to go backwards which could cause serious problems.
step five- IF and only if you put the car in the wrong gear, in example reverse, make sure to stop yourself by pressing the brake. not the accelerator.
step six- after you have stopped yourself causing minimal damage put the car into park, not leaving in reverse and therefore freakin' out and backing into the other car yet again.
step seven- don't start crying so hard that you can't see anything. that also results in problems.
step eight- try not to repeat "im sorry" over and over again whilst blubbering at the same time, embarrassing and unnecessary
step nine- when you have traded insurance/cried on your cheer coaches shoulder do not get back into the drivers seat, let your mom or someone else drive you home.
last but not least step ten- never drive. ever. not when you are 10 not when you're 15 not when you're 23 not when you're 73. never drive and never get in an accident.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

love the gain more than you hate the pain

I'd like to start with a fact: kirk gentzel ROCKS.
secondly I'd to state that jesus rules. moving on. tonight at crash we talked about sacrifice. NO, i don't go to one of those scary churches where we sacrifice goats and stuff, thats weird. We talked about giving up something that is usually hard to have the end result be better. Like when a fruit falls from a tree, killing itself, it gives someone else life. In order to sacrifice something though you have to love the pay off more that you hate giving something up. It's hard and literally EXACTLY what i needed to hear this evening. In small groups we talked about how the stuff you should give up is sucking the life out of you and quite honestly life isn't long enough to have it wasted being sucked out of you. So we wrote on our mirrors, what gave me life today? What made me truly happy? Where did I feel Jesus' presence? And that is the thing we need to continue. So the moral of this little blog tonight is... Give up something, even if you hate giving it up, so you can do something SO MUCH MORE AWESOME with that time that was sucking up your life. Jesus rules and so do seatbelts. (Kirk Gentzel came up with 99.9% of what I wrote in this blog)