Sunday, May 6, 2012

life of an asthmatic

this blog has nothing to do with asthma. although, i am an asthma sufferer. i just read through all of my old blog posts and realized how much has changed in just over a years time. i drive now, just so everyone knows and have only backed into one person since that accident. I have decided to blog again because writing feels good. It's natural. I like writing even though the SAT and ACT frequently remind me that writing is my worst skill. I just wanted to say today how thankful I am. I am so blessed. No, I'm not blessed with a genius brain, or extreme athletic skill or even a really awesome, skinny bod or anything but just to be sitting in my room, in my favorite city, typing on a new laptop, with my iPhone next to me I am so lucky. No, lucky is the wrong word. Luck implies that it could have turned out another way, that maybe you just barely made it or it was an accident. I am blessed. This blessing had a purpose, and although I can't be exactly sure about what my purpose is, I'm going to find out. I don't care if literally no one reads this blog, I will still write in it. AND it's going to rock.

My name is Ally, I think I'm going to be a nurse, and I'm looking for my purpose.

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