Friday, October 15, 2010


believe it or not but I am lazy, or at least have become very lazy lately. I am so lazy I don't do my homework(I mean eventually I can scribble something down to get a completion grade), I don't blog, I am so lazy I can't even sleep. Weird, right? Okay, well maybe that doesn't really make sense to anyone but me but I hardly sleep anymore. I don't even talk to Jesus as much anymore which breaks my heart. I had to go back to an old sermon from Matt Spurlock. When I eventually get married and live the perfect All American Life(white picket fences, four little athletic children running around, successful life) all of those little shenanigans I will probably talk to my husband and chillens everyday. That is normal, because I have a relationship with them. An relationships involve communication, not just when you want/need something but just to talk to someone. I will probably use my poor future husband like a therapist. But I also have a relationship with Jesus, but yet I find myself time and time again not talking to him! When he WANTS to talk to me. When I get married I wont ignore my husband for days at a time, so why should I do that to Jesus? If I really have a relationship with Jesus which I believe I do I need to communicate. Not just when I am asking to get an A on a test or not wreck the car again. I need to talk to him so I can learn about him and love him like he loves me. I need to quit being lazy

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