Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Monday was the actual best day I've had in the longest time I can remember. It started with nice weather which yielded me to wear one of my favorite long sleeve shirts. then my roommate and I had a good bonding time over snap chat and laughing just felt good. then I went to psychology and for going to class, I got a free 100 quiz grade. Like hell ya. Then I went to criminal justice where we actually spent 35 minutes watching really interesting videos about people who are wrongly accused and convicted by eye witnesses who unintentionally pick the wrong person out of a line up. it was actually very eye opening to how we cross racially identify others. after that I went back to my room and took a dope nap. My roommate woke me up but it like didn't even bother me. Then I had a fun dinner with some friends in the BLUU and then I got to hold a baby pig! It was named penny and she was adorable. I posted a picture of that on my Instagram and broke my top highest record and over 100 likes! Then I found out I made a 99 on my psych test. A 99! I have been doing so poorly in school it feels good for the door to finally swing my way. anyway I'm at the gym now getting fit(lol) but that's all for now

"give thanks to the LORD for his love endures forever"

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